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2nd International Conference: Race, Identity, Globalization [ Zurück ]

02.11. - 04.11.2017
LISBON, Portugal
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Deadline: October 5, 2017

The Centre for Clinical Ethnopsychology (Centro de Etnopsicologia Clínica, CEC – ISPA – Instituto Universitário), in partnership with the Portuguese Society of Clinical Psychology (Sociedade Portuguesa de Psicologia Clínica, SPPC), would like to welcome everyone to the 2nd International Conference Race, Identity, Globalization, within the framework of the European Network “Psychoanalysis and Facts of Society”, in Lisbon from 2nd-4th of November 2017.

Globalization is a long-term historical process. If on one hand it has favoured encounters, hybridization and cultural exchanges, on the other it is characterized by a history of violence and oppression, supported by ideologies that legitimate the superiority of some over others. Narratives of “world discovery‟ and the notion of race have served to justify, over time, enterprises of conquest, colonization and slavery. Even after the abolition of slavery, the fall of colonialism, the Declaration of Human Rights and the multiple conventions that proclaimed the universality of human rights, we continue to witness the conjugation of economic exploitation with old and new forms of discrimination and prejudice: racial, social, religious and sexual.

Nowadays, in a time of accelerated and widespread change, in which Europe and a large portion of the world are dealing with economic crises and migration flows shaped by war, political instability and hunger, we are once again faced with the emergence of radical ideologies that intertwine identity appeals with the construction of walls and the closure of borders.

Intolerance, xenophobia and exclusion co-exist with discourses and policies that proclaim tolerance, respect for difference and integration. The ethnoclinical practice with migrants and refugees reveals forms of suffering that are often denied, silenced, misrecognized and medicalized. The patients‟ experiences highlight the dramatic currency of the processes of dehumanization that underpin and foster conflicts between identity and alterity.

To reflect upon this long history of domination and its contemporary resurgences it is our aim to promote an interaction between different voices and disciplines by calling upon psychologists, psychoanalysts, anthropologists, sociologists, historians, economists and jurists from different countries, as well as policy makers and actors from the local civil society.

The objective is to build bridges and connections that enable a deeper understanding of the contemporary world to then establish renewed practices of clinical, scientific and political intervention, questioning the borders between disciplines and cultures.

This is the second international conference (of a series of three). The first was held in December 2014, in Dakar, Senegal, organized by the University Cheikh Anta DIOP à Dakar, the Association Internationale Interactions de la Psychanalyse (A2IP) and the University Denis Diderot, Paris Sorbonne.

We look forward to meet you all in Lisbon!

For further information please contact us: geral[at]