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Sjaak van der Geest


Sjaak van der Geest is born June 20, 1943, and lives in a small town near Leiden. In the annual assembly of “Arbeitsgemeinschaft Ethnomdizin” on November 15, 2013, at St. Augustin during the ‘26th Fachkonferenz Ethnomedizin’ three members of AGEM nominated Prof. Sjaak van der Geest, anthropologist and Professor emeritus at the University of Amsterdam, to be honorary member of AGEM. Ekkehard Schröder pointed out the long contacts which started already, when the first books in "ethnomedicine" - as medical anthropology was called in the earlier days - were produced in the late 1970th here and in Holland* and elsewhere. He added the special commitment of Prof. van der Geest in creating the fruitful discourse on “pharmaceutical anthropology” of the last twenty years and remembered Sjaak’s reports “Beyond the Anglophone World” in Soc Sci Med in the 1990th as well. Katarina Greifeld remembered him as the founder of the journal “Medische Antropologie” (1989-2013) and his initiation of the series of European conferences called MAAH, Medical Anthropology at Home. Wolfgang Bichmann at least mentioned his engagements and merits in anthropological health system researches.

Contact: Prof. Sjaak van der Geest
Antropologisch-Sociologisch Centrum
O. Z. Achterburgswal 185
NL – 1012 DK Amsterdam

This Website shows his complete bibliography.

One of the first and programmatic writings is this collection of essays:

Sjaak van der Geest & Klaas van der Veen (Eds.) 1979. In Search of Health. Essays in Medical Anthropology. Amsterdam: CANSA, Univ. van Amsterdam, 170 pp.

His contributions in Curare:

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