Emotions, Senses and Affects in the Context of Southeast Europe [ Zurück ]

27.09. - 30.09.2018
ZADAR, Croatia
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Deadline for contributios is Januar 31, 2018

The conference seeks to explore the affective dimensions of everyday life in the context of Southeast Europe. In our world that has, for the last decades, been dominated by the impact of rationality and technical progress, of transformation and economic efficiency, of globalization and migration, the role of emotions in all spheres of life has all too often been neglected. It is in the past decade that developments in society, in politics and in other spheres of life have made it obvious that emotions are of utmost relevance and must not by ignored. There is a renewed anthropological interest in the study of emotions, affects and feelings
that bind individuals and groups in various ways, addressing their economic and political uncertainty and directing attention to people’s arts of existence...
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