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Selected articles (*by AGEM-members) A-Z

alt Helene BASU 2009
Contested Practices of Control: Psychiatric and Religious Mental Health Care in India. Curare 32,1+2: 28-39.

b pdfAlice Desclaux 2015
Ambivalence in the Cultural Framing of Cosmopolitan "Alternative" Medicines in Senegal. Curare 37,2: 131-138.

alt Sjaak van der GEEST* 2011
The Urgency of Pharmaceutical Anthropology: A Multilevel Perspective. Curare 34,1+2: 9-15.

b pdfSjaak van der GEEST* 2015
Friendship and Fieldwork: A Retrospect as “Foreword”.
Curare 38,1+2: 3-8.

alt Katarina GREIFELD* &

"We no longer have malaria here as there has already been an instruction on clean and healthy water.." - On Malaria and Illness Concepts in West-Papua, Indonesia.
Curare 30,1:15-26.

alt Peter KAISER* 2010
Mental Health in the Developing World: Considering Local Human Resources. Curare 33,3+4: 188-193.

b_pdf Murray LAST 2012
Dying on Design? Curare 35,1+2: 64-71(Reprint 2009).

alt Agita LÜSE & Imre LÁZÁR (eds) 2007.
Introductory chapter of Cosmologies of Suffering. Post-communist Transformation, Sacral Communication, and Healing (Cambridge).

alt Danuta PENKALA-GAWęCKA* 2002
Korean medicine in Kazakhstan: ideas, practices and patients.
Anthropology & Medicine 9, 3:315-336.

b pdfAlexander PYRGES 2016
Fat Knowledge: The History of Corpulence. Curare 39,2: 126-135.

alt Annemiek RICHTERS 2004
Violence, health and human rights: Challenges for medical anthropology.
Medische Antropologie 16,1: 157-181 (Amsterdam).

alt Arne STEINFORTH* 2010
Whose Madness? Diverging Manifestations of Mental Illness in Dialogue. Curare 32,1+2: 96-105.

alt Kristina TIEDJE* 2007
The Politics of Eco-Social Wellbeing in Nahua Society: Negotiating Lifeworlds through Indigenous Right Claims. Curare 30,2+3: 121-130.


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